Does CBD OIL help relieve Sciatica pain

I started taking the CBD oil in November.. I’ve had sciatica in my left leg and back since a bad fall in 1993

A few days after starting the oil I noticed that the pain was gone. The pain had never completely left me before, especially after walking or sitting for long periods of time but now I can sit without pain.. No pain in my body, it’s hard to believe

I had to go to my doctor for a six month checkup because of my endless thyroid and high blood pressure problems, after looking at the results of my blood test

He said that everything looked good, he said better than good it all looks great, whatever your doing keep it up.

I’m so grateful for this oil, i never want to be without it !

But the big news, the best report was from starting my daughter on the oil after she was diagnosed with lung cancer in October 2017, she is doing great since taking starting on it and after her biopsy is few weeks later they can no longer find any cancer. it has helped her with her extreme pain from the cancer..

she has been able to continue working at her job, and she was looking to have to go on disability soon when she started on the CBD oil, she was hurting that bad, and had much trouble breathing.. It has been a wonderful life changing product for us..!

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