WOW! CBD Oil Means I don’t have to live with Back and Sciatica pain.

You can call this a testimony for CBD oil if you like but for me it’s total relief from the pain I’ve dealt with for a long time. I’ve had back problems and sciatica pain for years but in March 2017 I tripped and fell on the sidewalk where I lived.

As I lay on the ground I wasn’t sure how bad I was injured. After a few minutes I got myself up and went into my apartment. I called my daughter and she took me to the ER where I had a CT scan on my head and back. The CT scan on my back showed 4 bad disc, two degenerated, one bulging and one arthritic disc.

Needless to say I was in pain. The doctor prescribed Tylenol 3 and steroids which didn’t do much for the pain.  A few days later I went to my primary doctor who examined me and prescribed more steroids and a few Hydrocodone. After medical doctors I went to a chiropractor a couple times which helped me cope with the pain for a while but nothing permanent.

I Really Didn’t Know What to do Next.

After moving out of state I went to another doctor who prescribed Gabapentin and ordered an MRI on my back. I couldn’t take the Gabapentin because of side effects so I begin a regiment of Ibuprofen three pills three times a day. The MRI showed the same results as the CT scan I had done before. At this point I was sent to a pain management doctor where I received two epidural shots and a prescription for Meloxicam.

The Meloxicam worked but the side effects was horrible. It made me nauseated, gave me a headache and I hurt in my side for approximately thirty minutes and then the pain was gone. This happened every time I took a pill and I couldn’t deal with that. At this point I figured if I got any relief I was going to be taking ibuprofen right on. I begin to look for something, anything that might help me and be easier on my stomach than ibuprofen. I began to research some products. I read these testimonies where people were taking this liquid called CBD oil and according to them it’s nothing short of a miracle.

I Was Only Concerned About the Pain in my Back.

When people make statements about taking the CBD oil and what it’s done for them in eliminated all types of pain, my skepticism kicked in. As for me I’m skeptical when it comes to a product that works on everything. What was real to me was this pain I’d have to deal with if I didn’t do something or find something that worked. Surgery was not an option, I’v heard too many stories about that and as I said before I’m not fond of taking pills. With that said I decided to take a chance and try this CBD oil, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

I found this CBD oil that seemed very expensive so I looked elsewhere for a cheaper brand. I read some reviews and didn’t feel good about the cheaper brands so I went ahead and ordered a bottle of the expensive stuff. I needed to see if this stuff would help, even if a little, with the pain in my back. It took a week to get the product, so when I got it I started a dosage of three drops under my tongue morning and night as I was told. Three days later there was no change so I increased my dosage to five drops three times a day. On the fifth day I got out of bed and there was no pain anywhere in my body. I’m on my second bottle and second month of taking this stuff and still no pain.